The Order of Nature: A Song Cycle is a tour de force that was years in the making and brings together two of the world’s most vibrant and versatile musicians in Jim James and Teddy Abrams.

James is an acclaimed genre-bending solo artist, passionate social activist and leader of legendary rock band My Morning Jacket. Abrams is the music director and conductor of the Louisville Orchestra and his dedication to working with bluegrass, rock and hip-hop musicians while debuting major new orchestral works has galvanized his adopted city.

Neither shies away from a challenge, and with The Order of Nature they’ve crafted a large-scale symphonic suite that has James’ evocative songs as its foundation. Abrams built a grand orchestral house on that foundation, and the result is an explosion of music that boldly synthesizes rock and classical while taking advantage of orchestral music’s inherently cinematic nature.

The Order of Nature debuted April 6-7, 2018 as part of the Louisville Orchestra’s annual Festival of American Music, with attendees flying in from a dozen states and several countries. The second night’s performance is what you hear on this album, recorded in one take, no overdubs.